Rent a scooter in Montenegro

Welcome to Montenegro, a country that has something to offer to everyone and to satisfies the tastes of each of us, no matter how selective we are. Here you will be able to visit the mountains and lakes in a short time, and also very quickly go down to the sea, in about two hours drive.

Montenegro is full of beautiful mountain ranges, magical lakes and no less beautiful sandy beaches where you can enjoy the most romantic sunrises and sunsets. This is a destination for adventurers, nature lovers, as well as for those who come here exclusively for vacation.

Montenegro can provide a true oasis of peace but also entertainment for the generation that comes to have a good time. What we can really be proud of are the people who live in this country. Montenegrins are hospitable, pleasant and cordial people who want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome in their homeland. We are a nation that knows very well what courage and heroism mean, and therefore the greatest attributes of this country.

The country is located in the southeastern part of Europe and has a very favorable climate, which favors both winter and summer tourism. I believe that everyone who has visited Durmitor, Prokletije, Bjelasica, the meanders of Ćehotina, walked around Lake Biograd, truly felt what the famous saying "breathe with full lungs" means. On just 13.812 km2 of surface, there is everything that a person could imagine and wish to see in his lifetime. We also have everything to offer for all those gourmets and sweet-toothed people. From meat, seafood to our famous national dishes of kačamak and cicvara. These are traditional dishes that are equally enjoyed by local residents and all those who visit Montenegro. To try these dishes together, rent a scooter from us at the Queen agency.

Tourism is an important economic branch in Montenegro and plays a key role in the economy. Given that it has a rich cultural heritage, numerous museums, galleries, monuments, monasteries, it deserves to be on the "bucket list" of all those who like to enrich their soul.