Rent a scooter in Kotor

One of the most famous towns in Montenegro - Kotor - is located on the very coast of the Bay of Kotor. Kotor is a town teeming with tourists because it is a port for cruise ships, and therefore it could be said that, unlike other towns on our coast, the season in Kotor lasts all year round.

The geographical position of Kotor is extremely favorable, both because of the bay suitable for cruising and because of the proximity of the Lovćen mountain and, since last year, the opening of the Kotor - Lovćen cable car, which attracts the attention of both Montenegrin residents and foreign tourists. The cable car managed to connect the mountain and the sea and make Kotor even more attractive for visits.

Just a few kilometers from Kotor is Perast, the island of Lady of the Rocks and St. George which are also breathtaking locations. I believe that everyone that happens to be in Kotor, even for two days, will take the opportunity to visit them. Kotor is decorated with an old town, with cobbled streets and the recognizable Cathedral of St. Tryphon, which represents one of the most important religious buildings in Montenegro. To visit all this together, rent our scooter from Kotor.

Kotor is under UNESCO protection as a world cultural heritage.