Rent a scooter in Tivat

Tivat is a coastal town located in the Bay of Kotor. From a former "settlement" to a town that has become a symbol of Montenegrin tourism. Tivat offers natural beauty, a fabulous view of the bay and luxurious amenities, which makes this destination attractive for all profiles of tourists.

As the first association with this town, the luxury marina Porto Montenegro probably comes to everyone’s mind, which is an unavoidable location for everyone who has ever set foot in Tivat.
Marina has many luxury restaurants, exclusive hotels, as well as boutiques of famous world brands. Porto Montenegro with its modern architecture seems to stand out from the old city core, but nevertheless the first visit to Tivat will convince you and show that this actually works as an ideal contrast.

Near Tivat is the famous island of Luštica, which is about half an hour's drive from the town and is also one of the most frequently visited locations. Another advantage of this town is the airport, and it is the only coastal town that has its own airport.

Tivat can be described as a town of magical beauty, a peaceful atmosphere, which has a lot to offer. The nature is such that it offers the possibility for various activities such as hiking and cycling. And you can rent a scooter in our agency for a more complete experience.