Explore Montenegrin horizons on scooters

16. 05. 2024.

Explore Montenegro on scooters and pass through its stunning horizons. Scooters are the right choice for all those who love adventure and trips under the open sky. Make a trip plan for yourself and start from Tivat.

Let your tour include the entire Bay of Kotor, Budva as the metropolis of our tourism, Lake Skadar and other national parks. Touring the country by scooter will allow you to stop wherever you want without the burden of extended parking search, as well as the possibility of taking fabulous photos from all your favorite and interesting locations.

Considering that Montenegro is suitable for riding scooters, you have the opportunity to tour the northern, central and southern regions on these popular two-wheelers.

Riding scooters through Montenegro offers a unique opportunity to explore every part of it. From the southernmost point of Ulcinj to the northernmost point of our country, Pljevlja. In slang terms, with the wind in your hair, exploring the Montenegrin horizons on scooters will provide you with an unforgettable experience and allow you to see everything that makes our country special.


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