Safety as an imperative on the streets

10. 06. 2024.

In every segment of life, especially when it comes to scooters, our safety and that of all other traffic participants must be imperative. That is why it is important that the scooter is in good working order, that it is regularly serviced so that everyone who uses it feels safe.

It is necessary to regularly check the brakes, tires as well as the light signals. In addition, everyone who rents a scooter is obligated to use appropriate protective equipment, such as: helmet, gloves, protective jacket, appropriate footwear, as well as reflective clothing adapted to the weather conditions or when riding in the dark.

Traffic rules must be followed without exception, speed must be taken into account and driving must be adapted to the road conditions, because before every adventure we must be aware that we should never endanger ourselves or any other participants in the traffic, especially pedestrians and children.


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